Our center enjoys the recognition of the city and the county, of being one of the best educational centers in the city. Being recognized in several occasions for his excellence in teaching, safety, cleanliness, conford and care of infants. All this has been achieved by a strong teamwork developed by the director of our academy and taken to all the staff of the same. We have a motto in our academy and it is "We are a Family", for us that is a priority, and it helps us to remain united and focused on the educational work for our children. Our priority is your care, education and safety. Ensure that their growth is healthy, strong, and they become a generation that brings positive changes to society. We know that within them we will have the future medical lawyers, politicians and successful entrepreneurs of our next times, as well as honest workers who will bring values ​​of honor and honor to their families.
That is why Life in Colors Academy is committed to giving the best to the children of our community.