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Our school is firmly rooted in the concepts of respect, responsibility, and community.Here at Life in Colors Academy,we monitor the children in order to discover each child's interests so that we may encourage these interest through different activities in a supervised setting.
We believe that a proper relationship between family,church, and school is essential to christian  education.
It is the responsibility of the  parents to teach and train a child .Life in Colors Academy , as a ministry of the church ,is an extension  of the educational  process being taught at home. The pursuit of information; it also includes  understanding and godly wisdom. We are  committed to leading children and  their families to a restored relationship with God , through both  competence and character thus developing history makers and world changers for the glory of God.
Life in Colors  Academy is a close preschool community where children are enriched by caring relationships, strong friendships ,and a creative environment .
Life in colors academy  is an educational  preschool whit daycare  hours to meet all of your child's care needs : full and part time childcare ,quality curriculum,caring staff and strong devotion to excellent early chishtian
childhood education . It is all here at Life in Colors Academy.

"Poor is the student who does not surpass his teacher"

Leonardo Da Vinci


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